For all the road junkies, road away in America

classic road trip
Saddle up all you road junkies. Its time to take the road. Many a times, journey is not fun. Its tiring or boring and reaching the final destination is more fun. However, this will change the theory. It will make every journey more fun and live. So now getting and going through the journey will be fun. Here are few road trips in America that you can take and make your journey of more fun.

East coast city of Boston will truly be a classic road trip. The drive is less than 250 miles from Gloucester, Massachusetts to New Haven, Connecticut. Get set for a sea food ride on this road. You will be stuffed sea food, along with marine wildlife, museums and sailboats. You can even get more stuffed and a little tipsy at Newport, Rhode Island and White Horse Tavern. The latter was originally opened way back in the 17th century by a pirate.

Michigan gold coast is one of the famous beaches in America. However, this more like a family destination spot. You will find that the sand dunes are almost endless. The best time to visit is late summer. The weather will be nice and the water out here will also be warm. You will also get to surf 500 miles north from New Buffalo to the Midwest’s surfing hub and to the Mackinac island. The roadside of this area is known for its apple cidar.

Vegas is more than gambling and pubs. The southwest dessert is simple spectacular. You will find the Monument Valley on the road and from there you can even trek down the Colorado River from the bottom of Grand Canyon. On the historic Route 66 you will come across towns like Flagstaffs and Williams. If you simply want to wander of in Arizona then you must visit the Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park at Colorado. And a little further in New Mexico you will find art galleries, top notch hotels and restaurants.

If you find that insufficient, then you can take the Four Corner region drive. It is a 1850 miles gigantic circle from Las Vegas covering four different states, namely, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

For more fun and adventure you can even visit Kansan City, Missouri. This city will offer you the best barbecue chicken, live jazz music and chilled beers. You will also find the longest river in Kansan city.