Not for food and wine – visit France to admire art collections and Alps

Millions of people from all over the world keep France at the top position in the travel list due to several reasons which it offer to spend holidays. In a recent survey, this country has acclaimed the top position in the travel survey and is way ahead of all its competitors to attract more and more visitors. Of course, positioned at the center of Western Europe, it has got some peculiar features including natural beauty, lifestyle, romantic moods and architectural feats that will keep the visitors engaged for a longer time period. Local people have been appraised for the mythical style whereas the capital city of France, Paris has been considered as the apex romance city of the world. You do not even have a single reason to keep away from this beautiful and modern country because of quality wines and natural elegance which is offers to you right from the beginning of your trip.



Where should you visit in France?

  • The Louvre – This is the first class museum which has been visited by almost 8.5 million people on annual basis.  Something special? Yes, you will have to get appraises for the original and authentic Monalisa and exhibition fully focused on the Da Vinci creations.
  • The Eiffel Tower – With an annual visiting rate, 7 million people come to see this world famous tower which seems to be quite synonymous to France. On the other hand, visitors are also welcomed to taka tour of the Moulin Rogue, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Wildlife – If you find wildlife intriguing, just pay visit to the wildlife parks like the Reserve Africine de Sigean and Zoo Park de Beauvral which sits fine in the Loire Valley.
  • Alps – Among the top holiday pastime, you can start to look at the long-distance Alps, snow laden mountains and experience the beauty and pleasure of snow games.
  • Architectural feats – This is not just about the famous buildings in France listed above rather you can also pay visits to the medieval city of Carcassonne, Pont du Gard and Arenes de Nimes; the Roman Amphitheaters sitting at the beautiful natural valleys in France.


France has got several art museums to applaud for and what visitors like is to pay homage to gardens and Giverny house. Art has blossomed in this country and it has long lasting impression on the culture and innovations to be viewed in the cities of Riviera. Some of the well preserved museums where you pay visits are Louvre museums and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art located in Nice.

Wine and food

You must have heard about the delicacies and food cuisines local to France and it will be surprising to know that everything is true about the traditional and modern food styles. Yes, you will find plenty of sauces, champagne, bread, cheese and pastries to fill your appetite. There will be plenty of foods and classic wines made available at the restaurants and cafes in France that will charge you affordably for good quality food stuffs.