Freakish bars that you have to visit at least once

bizarre or weirdest bars
Who does not love to booze and party? And wouldn’t the fun just double if you could party in a bizarre or weirdest bars? It would be altogether a new fun, a new adventure. And when it comes to traveling, the best way to explore the new place is by interacting with the locals and where can you find locals besides the street? Yeah thats right, in local bars.

Santiago De Chile has a weird bar called Peluqueria Francesa. This is actually a barbershop right in the heart of Santiago. The neighborhood is pretty sophisticated and it is one of the most busiest bars on weekends. Apart from good French antiques, it has a wardrobe for loo as well. Where London has Evan and Peel Detective Agency. You will be asked to enter with a case which means that you would have to make a reservation. And once you pass on the question you will be allowed to head towards your seat and then you can enjoy variety of cocktails. The food menu is the American 1920’s. You will be just needing a story or else no table.

For some scary drama, the Alcatrazer bar from Tokyo is a rare combination of prison and hospital. Instead of a waiter or waitress you will be welcomed by the nurses with big syringes. These nurses will offer you with their delights like human intestines in test tubes. Besides this, there are many other theme bars in Tokyo like Alice in Wonderland, Namahage and Princess Heart.

The Absolute Ice Bar of Stockholm was opened in 2002. All the equipements here, the glasses, chairs and the walls are all made up of ice. The temperature here is below -5 degree. And if you want to stay little warmer then the staff around here will offer you gloves and blankets. This bar even holds ice sculpting competition. You must visit the only night club which is extacly in the heart of the city. It is called La Mina club. You will find this club in Zactecas. This club is situated 1200 feet underground. Nearly 400 people can be easily accommodated here.

If in Singapore, one must visit Clinic which is the weirdest bars of Singapore. Here you will be offered with drinks inside a clinic, therefore the name. This is also a hospital theme based bar where you will find wheelchairs and beds. The drinks are also served in test tubes or in any other medical glassware. So which weirdest bar are you headed too?