Funny Famous Quotes About Travel

Come fly with me

“I once made a trip to Adelaide on Emu Airways. I was 5,000 ft undetermined when somebody indicated out me that emus can’t fly”

Billy Connolly

Ernie: “Take a gander at those individuals down there. They look like ants.”

Eric: “They are ants. We haven’t taken off yet.”

Trade between Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise

“I knew I’d picked the wrong carrier when I saw the debilitated sack had the Lord’s Prayer on it.”

Les Dawson

The governmental issues of travel

“You all of a sudden acknowledge you’re no longer in government when you get into the back of your auto and it doesn’t go anyplace.”

Malcolm Rifkind

“It’s awesome to be back on earthenware.”

John Prescott

The $64,000 dollar questions

“It’s peculiar would it say it isn’t? Remain amidst a library and go “Aaaargh!” and everybody just gazes at you. In any case, do a similar thing on a plane and they all participate.”

Tommy Cooper

“Why are there no windows in the toilets on planes? To shield you from the most devoted deviants on the planet, hanging off the wing to get a peep?”

Billy Connolly