Get away beach weekend

beach weekend
Spending away the weekend on a beach is the best way to get rid of the daily routine. Beach parties are refreshing and full of fun. There is never a dull moment when it comes to a spending a weekend by the beach. Instead, you can also take a long vacation and hit the sun, sand and water. A perfect beach weekend for us would be no shortage of beer, a beautiful shoreline, spectacular and not so crowded beach, after all. Thats all we need to refresh.

California’s coastline offers somewhat similar things. The La Jolla beach, near San Diego would be an easy weekend getaway for people staying near Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego. The beach is not a crowded one. Also a good amount of greenery is observed with a variety of restaurants and shops. A can of beer and sitting calmly by the shoreline enjoying the sunset is what you would end up doing here. If you want to visit an old fashioned beach having resort towns with the old and the young playing around, then you must drop by at the Rehobothe beach near Delaware. By the shore, you will find eatery places that serve the best of ice creams and saltwater taffy. This place is near to the residents of Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia.

While Maine offers you Southern Maine coastline. And it will be a best weekend getaway if you stay nearby New York or Boston. The entire beach has an English touch. The short sand beach offers coastline by New York. And if you are a resident of southeast, boy, you have a lot of options to choose from. On the western side of Florida you will find Anna Maria island. This place connects the mainland with a bridge. This place offers you the best seafood hangouts.

Moving back to California, the 29 mile of sand of Santa Cruz is a breathtaking experience. This is probably the only beach where you can com any time of the year. The weather here stays up to 50-70 degrees. This beach also has roller coaster rides and can be enjoyed by the residents of Los Angeles and San Fransisco. And lastly, Florida is also famous for Vera beach. This beach lies on the Atlantic ocean side. This is one of the white beaches where you will find lifeguards available right from 9.00am to 5.00pm.