Get your passports imprint by this countries under 40K

So your passports are printed and now you are excited to wander around. But, your bank account has a different story to tell? awe! I am in the same space as you. But thanks to our little savings, we have certain destinations overboard which we can visit under a stringent budget and have them imprint on our passports rather than keeping them empty.

So here is the list of the great countries which you can visit


Home to one of the greatest civilizations of the world, Egypt boasts of attractions like hieroglyphs, mummies, temples, and above all – the pyramids! Rich historical background and medieval heritage – the ancient churches and mosques – are among the most interesting things about Egypt. This mysterious land unleashes your imagination and makes you feel like you’re a part of an Indiana Jones movie. The total round trip would cost you somewhere around 40,000

Fortress of Shali (Schali ) the old Town of Siwa on sunrise