Getting a hotel room upgraded is now easy

hotel room
We have seen in movies that somehow the characters end up getting a nice and well upgraded hotel room all of a sudden, like right out of the blue. And seeing this, we end up in wishing that the same should happen to us, someday, maybe one day. Well, looks like your wish is about to be true on your next travel. Read on a few ways to get your hotel room upgraded.

Some people travel to the same destination quite often. So if you fall into this category, what you can do is start developing a sense of loyalty. This means that if you very frequently visit a same destination then make your stay at the same hotel. This way the hotel will consider you as their special customer and start pampering you. All you have to do is show them how loyal you are. If that is not the case, another thing what you can do is ask for freebies. If not freebies then you could ask for special deals or offers when you make your stay there. The reason you have to ask is so that you will know if they offer any. If you do not ask, how will you know.

And luckily, these days some hotels offer you a frequent visitors card. This concept works this way- the more you visit them, the more you stay there, the more you will earn free nights stays and upgrades which are totally worth it. So people who travel a lot on business on the same place can enroll in this program. Along with that you can also trade the airline flier points for upgrading the participating hotels. But then do not just blindly do so. Think twice before doing.

Also many a times we are not happy with the hotel room. Reasons may vary, like very small, dirty, untidy or nonfunctional and so on. So at times when the room does not meet your requirements, have a word with the manager. Tell him about it. And may be they will give you a better room without charging you any extra. Because we all know, no hotel would ever like a bad review on their site.

Many of the customers do not like to complain. But then if the condition of the hotel room is worst you should raise your voice. Of course you will not raise your voice for silly things, but to things that would not be good for you and your family.