Go green on vacation

Go green on vacation
Did you know that if people actually traveled less, they would be contributing a lot to the environment? Oh no, this does not mean you should not explore or kill your dream of visiting the world. Rather you can adopt an eco friendly or what they call is go green on traveling as well. You can end up opting for an eco friendly hotel stay instead. That is much better than killing your dream of seeing the world. Now going eco friendly on your vacation does not mean that you wind up living in a cave or a tent and eating coconut or roots and leaves. You can still have a luxury and leisure of vacation by staying at these places.

Australia offers you the Longitude 131. You will find this go green resort in the heart of the Australian Northern Territory. This part of Australia is complete dessert rather infamous for Ayers Rock. The place appears to be like Mars. Yet, this place is the only dessert which will be a bed of roses for you. This resort does not offer you any building or suit, rather a sophisticated tent. They even offer you with solar water showers and stuff.

Costa Rica, a party destination also offers you with an eco friendly vacation spot called the Finca Rosa Blanca Inn. This resort is built in the cloud forest of Costa Rica. And to add more it also holds the highest ranking member of the Sustainable Tourism certificate. It is known to have scored 100% which is simply wow. The resort also has its own coffee plantation, a spa, horse riding and much more.

British Columbia, besides being famous for the wildest forest, it is has also got a recognition for Nimmo Bay Resort. It is at this place where you will find Canada’s wilderness. But you should know that there are no road transportation available here. The only means of transportation is by either a helicopter or by a boat. You will fall in love with the greenery around. And first thing in the morning you will end up seeing is flipping out dolphins and the mushy flora and fauna.

If you are ever in California, a stay at Bardessona will be totally worth it. This place is a platinum certified by LEED. No tress were chopped for constructing this place. It is completely build out of salvaged wood. It is this one spot in California that you will find pure greenery. It also has solar power farms and vertical gardens and composting programs. That just shows that the resort is all about going green.