Go high, higher and highest when in Nepal

Nepal is famous for two things, its rocky mountains and monasteries. When you return from your trek trip from Nepal what is that one question people often end up asking you? “So, how high did you go?” That’s right, Nepal is after all, all about stony mountains and one heck of a trekking place. The altitude of Nepal is really a big consideration and trekking on such high altitudes will give you the ultimate bliss on being top of the world.

But then what is the exact feeling of crossing the Himalayan pass? The adrenaline? Oh yes, it has to be there but then there is much more than that. Himalaya and snow have to go together. They are inseparable. With every step that you take on the Himalaya you will be counting your breath. And your knees, wow! You wont feel it. Every single time you halt, you will end up feeling that yes, you have reached the top. But no my friend, its not that easy. If you feel upset thinking that there is a long way up to the peak and you are out of breath, then look down and just pat your back because you have climbed up so high.

Every mountain of Nepal holds many colored flags. These flags are colored flags. No trekker will ever miss the sight of these prayer flags swinging in the cold chilly winds of Nepal. These flags have been up on the mountain for over generations now. These flags were set up by the past trekkers and their guides.

Every lane and path of of every mountain of Nepal holds a story. And that is what attracts many tourists. The better the story, the more trekkers on that particular mountain. The guides along with way are pure entertainers. Trust me, you will not miss your TV anymore. Your guide will not only guide you but lighten you with his witty village knowledge and wisdom along with legendary tales.
And once you reach the peak of the mountain, you will be in heaven. The joy of climbing hundreds of feet will fall short of words. The view from above as they say is spectacular. Its breath taking. Share your job with other trekkers and their fascinating stories at local bars. So there you see, Nepal is all about how high you can really go.