Greek Islands Which Make Perfect For Family Vacations

For a family occasion, the enchantment of a Greek island escape is unparalleled. Each of the horde islets and bigger isles scattered in the unimaginably blue waters of the Ionian and Aegean Seas summons untainted view, fluctuated shorelines and pristine appeal.

Littler islands welcome investigation of each inlet and screwy shake shape; the bigger islands offer a scene leaked in myth and enterprise. Here are a few suggestions of extraordinary family-accommodating islands to visit, alongside supportive tips from Visa so you can find more on vacation.


Unwinding here accompanies a glass of robola wine, a doughnut ride at the water sports focus and the tonic of ocean air on sun-overlaid skin.


With its wild, sloping appeal and an enthusiastic capital in Argostoli, this Ionian gem has fascinating shorelines edged by rough precipices, inviting resorts at Lassi, even a touch of Hollywood fabulousness in its history as the setting for the film of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

Shorelines come white pebbled – most stunningly at Myrtou Bay – and in long sandy extends at Lourdas and Skala in the south.

The coastline has mansions, religious communities and dazzling tavernas serving fish and Kefalonia meat pie. On the off chance that you look for exercises past the shoreline, there are a lot of remunerating trips. Paliki Peninsula is well known for walkers.

Organize a jumping and vessel trek to Mandraki harbor where the 40-meter statue of the Colossus of Rhodes is said to have once stood

Fiskardo positions as the prettiest town. Assos with its adjacent Venetian post is definitely justified even despite a visit, while the Drogarati Caves and the puzzling underground Melissani Cave-Lake never neglect to excite.

A spot of island jumping is constantly attractive. From Kefalonia, you can visit close-by Ithaca – legendary as the home of Odysseus.

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On the off chance that you pick Zakynthos as your family base, a short pontoon trip takes you to the unadulterated heaven that is Marathonisi otherwise known as Turtle Island, the eminent Blue Caves, or to the notorious “Wreck” shoreline, a white rock inlet shielded by high bluffs.

Wreck shoreline, Smugglers Cove, Zakynthos

With its efficient resorts and family-accommodating seafront inns, Zakynthos is an awesome place to take to the water. Snorkeling and scuba plunging accompanies enhancements as light is reflected through clear turquoise waters in submerged caverns.

You can surf, sail and swim among ocean turtles. For more youthful kids, the shoreline at Cape Geraki has immaculate sand and a delicate rack into the water.

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Young people, the most troublesome age gathering to cook for on vacation, love Rhodes. Here daytime fun on shorelines at resorts like Faliraki develops into buzzy nightlife.

Windsurfing in Rhodes

The water sports focuses give fabulous offices and a gathering swarm, while the old walled town of Rhodes has a noteworthy medieval bastion, shops and bistros

The water sports focuses give incredible offices and a gathering swarm, while the old walled town of Rhodes has an amazing medieval bastion, shops and bistros.

The capital of the Dodecanese islands has all-round family request: miles of fascinating shorelines, consummate surf conditions on the west drift and bunches of minor inlets to colonize for the day.

You can mastermind a plunging and watercraft excursion to Mandraki harbor where the 40-meter statue of the Colossus of Rhodes is said to have once stood. An outing to Lindos, with its old acropolis towering over a pleasant whitewashed town, is another compensating outing.

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Gerald Durrell’s personal history, My Family and Other Animals, embodied the verdant way of Corfu that has since a long time ago pulled in guests to look for peace among cicadas and olive forests.

Here, you are ruined for brilliant shoreline front lodgings offering family-arranged settlement and day by day movement projects to engage kids.

Corfu Old Town offers visual excitement for all ages with noteworthy design and overly complex tight roads to investigate by walking or by steed drawn carriage.

For a novel treat, book tickets for an outside summer film, which screen toons through to arthouse motion pictures. A night spent in a cool garden under the stars before a silver screen is both a truly Greek affair and the ideal approach to unwind with kids following a hot day.

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Families return quite a long time to Crete, the biggest Greek island said by the essayist Saki to have “delivered more history than it can devour locally”.

Corfu Old Town

Crete’s unlimited charms incorporate mountains and the Samaria Gorge to trek through, antiquated Minoan remnants to visit, awesome nourishment and wineries, eminent shorelines, and uncommon feathered creatures and blooms to spot.

The verifiable ancient rarities are a fortune trove to rouse kids. Large portions of the shows at the Heraklion Archeological Museum were found at the remains of the Palace of Knossos, home of the legendary maze where Theseus slew the Minotaur.

Pay special mind to the Phaistos Disk, a dirt tablet engraved with puzzling images, and the dark stone Bull’s Head which was utilized for pouring custom wines.

Other top proposals incorporate a visit to the stalactite-enhanced Dikteon Cave, said to be the origin of Zeus, and a pontoon trip from Agios Nikolaos to the enchanted uninhabited island of Spinalonga with its awesome Venetian fortress.

Elafonisi, a pink-sand joy, is a shoreline that captivates on each level. Isolated from an islet by a protected tidal pond of knee-profound water, it’s ideal for little kids.