Greek Travel Destinations to Visit

As per information got from Russia’s Vestnik ATOP Association of Tour Operators, which works intimately with Greece’s Tourism Organization in Moscow, Russian sightseers who visited Greece among January and September 2018 favored visiting Athens and its riviera, and the island of Evia, the Cyclades and the Peloponnese.

All the more particularly, the quantity of visitors who visited Greece expanded by 0.3 percent, achieving a sum of 782,000 individuals, with Athens’ International air terminal chronicle an expansion of 47 percent contrasted with the entries of Russians amid a similar period in 2017.

The information demonstrate that the Russian voyagers have started to change their inclinations, since as of recently their fundamental goals have been the well known Greek islands, which were associated with the greatest Russian airplane terminals by means of sanction flights each mid year.

The period between October 2017 and October 2018 was announced as the “Greece – Russia year of the travel industry”, with the primary maxim of the crusade being “Goal Greece, 365 Days a Year”.