Happy World Tourism Day!

It was on September 27, 1970 that this day was conceptualized. The main idea behind the inception of this whole concept of tourism, was to take the feeling of ‘the whole world is one village’ one step ahead. World tourism day embodies the whole idea of, ‘travel makes life better’ and goes ahead to spread awareness about the great many benefits of travelling across the world.

We at Chill Feel are firm believers in the fact that, when you travel it leaves you breathless and then soon turns you into a great storyteller. Thus today we decided to inspire you by collecting great travel moments in all your favorite celebrity’s travels. We all love watching movies and especially we Indians follow the Bollywood celebrities to the T. Nowadays due to various social media networks, it has become possible for us to get to know more about their lifestyles, their likes, dislikes and especially their favorite holidaying spots. These stars give us ultimate travel goals with their favorite getaways.

So we decided, the perfect way to inspire you all today would be with these timeless photos of golden moments of travel of the celebrities. So check them out and get some serious travel goals.