Have The Best Travel Time Of All Time

Before you book your trips and travels for next year, take a look at these predicted travel trends. The information was gleaned from 120 million travel reviews online, written by 19,000 travelers, from 26 countries around the world — that’s a lot of reviews!

1. Plugged in

No surprise here. It’s expected that travel tech will become ever more pervasive next year. Sure, vacations are all about unplugging but, more and more often, you have to plug in to figure out the best places and techniques to totally relax.

Booking online, relying on peer reviews to find the best fresh fish restaurant, the most Insta-worthy sunset view, or chillest beach, and using apps for everything from finding new friends to booking local transportation is expected to only get more popular.

What is surprising is that artificial intelligence might start to play more of a role in trip planning and execution, with smart tech doing everything from research to planning to intuiting our needs when we are on our trips.

2. Bountiful bucket lists

More and more travelers plan out trips around the world with a bucket list in mind and are more strategic in their travels than in generations past. It’s predicted that 45 percent of travelers in 2018 have a travel bucket list and 82 percent will try to tick one or more destinations off that list next year.

The bucket list phenomenon is related to a yearning for experiences over material possessions, which drives desire for more incredible and memorable trips. With dwindling patience, instantaneous appetites, and ever-evolving technology; travelers in 2018 will seize the moment like never before.

3. Finding your inner child

Another thing that travelers should be really into in the coming year is revisiting places they loved as children. Blending the future with the past, vacationers will be inspired to turn back the clock and visit previously loved destinations — but explore them in a whole new way. As many as 34 percent will consider a vacation they first experienced as a child in 2018.

These popularity of these vintage vacations stems from feelings of nostalgia and happiness evoked by these destinations. Travelers say that former family holidays recall the fondest memories, even more so than childhood sweethearts or family pets. Millennials look set to be even more sentimental with 44 percent of 18-34 year olds keen to hark back to favorite family destinations. With 60 percent of travelers in 2018 planning to post daily on social media during their trips, we can expect to see these nostalgic places brought back to the future and captured for social posterity.

4. As seen on TV

In 2018, more and more people will be visiting the scenes made famous in their favorite TV shows, movies, and books. With the world at our remote controls, more and more people are inspired by the destinations they see on their screens in their favorite shows.

In 2018, television shows, films, sport and social media, in particular, look set to have an increasingly significant sway over booking decisions, as travelers turn to pop culture for travel inspo. Reading blogs or watching YouTube recommendations will spark ideas for four in ten trips while onscreen locations will win over more than a third of travelers next year.

The top TV locations people want to visit next year are Croatia, Spain, and Iceland due to Game of Thrones, London because of Sherlock and The Crown, New York City thanks to Billions, and and Los Angeles because of Entourage.

5. Spa day, anyone?

The health and wellness on vacation trend isn’t going away anytime soon — in fact 20 percent of people plan to include some aspect of the trend in their next trip, up from ten percent in 2017.

Health and wellness activities on travelers’ bucket lists include: visiting a spa for a third of people, bicycling for one quarter, water sports for 22 percent, doing a detox for 17 percent, going on a yoga retreat for 16 percent, running for another 16 percent, and undertaking meditation/mindfulness for 15 percent.

6. Bang for their buck

Travelers, like everyone, want to get more for less. Many travelers are looking to stay on a budget with their travels so will search out the best deals possible.

Next year, Nearly half of tourists will think about money exchange rates when planning trips and half will also consider the economic climate of a vacay spot before booking. A third of travelers will plan to shop duty free when they travel and a quarter will even plan to buy specific high-fashion items while on vacation since the items are cheaper at their destination than in their home country.

Source/Credit: https://coconuts.co/travel/trending-travel-8-predictions-will-matter-vacationers-2018/