Have You Taken A Traincation Yet?

Traincation, which is short for a train vacation, involves just that; a vacation in a train. All you have to do is pack your bags and catch a locomotive, which travels through the most scenic places and just sit back and revel in the beauty of nature. More and more people are taking up these kind of vacations lately, as nothing beats luxury on wheels. Many railways have come out with top of the line, luxurious trains complete with their own type of royal treatments for their passengers. Here’s a list of a few similar train journeys you can take around the world, from the edge of your window seat.

The Orient Express, Europe


This train was made famous by the bestselling novel titled, ‘ The Murder On The Orient Express’ of the world famous author, Agatha Christie. This train is replete with authentic, vintage cars and dining rooms. Still considered as one of the most ornate trains, it still travels through the legendary route from Istanbul to Paris.

Maharaja’s Express, Asia


Considered to be the most luxury filled train, across the world; this train has one entire train car as a presidential suite. Complete with state-of-the-art facilities, free wifi zones, en-suite bathroom and two train cars reserved for only drinks and getting comfortable, this train embodies luxury and perfection. This custom built train is 23 cars long and takes up to 83 passengers with around 56 people as staff.

Blue Train, Africa


This train runs almost eight times a month, between Cape Town and Pretoria and is has interiors, which speaks luxury at its finest. It takes the passengers on a 27 hour journey full of stops of sightseeing and is southbound on Mondays and northbound on Wednesdays.

Palace On Wheels, Asia


The first ever hotel train in India, this locomotive has been garnering a lot of popularity since its inception. With its cream colored interiors, it is a joint venture by the state of Rajasthan and the Indian Railways and has been raising its popularity in terms of luxury.