Have You Visited This Waterfall Restaurant Yet?

This spectacular waterfall also acts like a restaurant, no this is not some fantasy place, which people just dream about. The  Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is one such fancy place to eat right in the middle of an actual, literal waterfall  in Philippines.

This waterfall is a part of the main attractions at the Villa Escudaro Resort, where people can have their meals right in the middle of a waterfall. This is a beautiful jungle waterfall and the tourists are encouraged to go play into it and are also treated to live music and entertainment. It serves gourmet seafood as well, which is a great bonus.

This place is surrounded by a lot of hiking trails and also boasts of great bird watching opportunities. This is one of those places, which do not really have fine dining but definitely make for amazing Instagram photos and great memories.


Add this exciting destination to your bucket list.