How travelling can boost your Resume!

5 years down the line, Travelling for a year and taking a break from your job would be considered as career suicide. But things are completely different now. Today, you can travel for a year or two, come back to your job and it would boost your career. Wondering how? Read it out here

As the world is growing and our internet connections are getting stronger, Corporate are now looking forward to employees who can cater to various needs and roles. Travelling helps you gain an insight of the world, different cultures and learn many skills which are impossible to learn while on your job. This are few things which you would learn on field

Communication is an integral part of the skills you require on desk. With you being a pro at it because of travelling to different places and experimenting new cultures.Suddenly, when you’re travelling, communicating is almost equivalent to survival! Being able to communicate with other people from different walks of life, cultures and languages is such an important skill in any work. When you’re travelling you practice this daily as you ask for directions, check in at a hostel or order a meal


2.Travel Blogging

Blogging allows you to showcase any creative and/or literary talents. You don’t have to be a gifted writer or even interested in writing professionally, it’s just a great way of showing off your personality, getting yourself into the public sphere and showing once again that you can keep working under your own steam, even with no monetary reward. Creating your own blog shows initiative and social skills as you are able to work with specific programmes and websites, giving you an advantage over other job seeking candidates.

travel blogging

3.Cross-cultural Understanding

The world is getting smaller and nearly all jobs require you to work with people from different cultures. Living amongst these people as you travel abroad, talking with them and learning their stories and ways of life gives you a huge advantage at being able to deal with them successfully from a work point of view.

cross culture


While travelling you may find that things may not always go to plan. This may be in the form of delays or overbooked accommodation. How do you cope with such problems brings in a lot of adaptability in you.