Right from the beginning, India has tried its best to appeal the interested international tourists and travelers to strike for cuisines, diversity and spiritual hub. Yes, India is the second largest in population, just after china and seventh largest by area in this world which simply indicates how it is going to appeal and attract you in the travel planning. There are much more things to see, enjoy and do in India in comparison to other countries where you have felt lonely and isolated for the entire trip. No doubt, this country has been at the pole position in respect of heritage, culture, traditional values, historical richness, architectural magnificence and of course; the cuisine. At the same time, you should never forget the natural flora and fauna which gives the well-known diversity to the natural beauty and excellence.


Varying and distinct outdoors

Just choose the direction in this country and you are ought to receive ground changes in the climate, culture and lifestyle of people. Yes, India is often considered as the country for unity in diversity which simply means that you can find here everything – snowy mountains in the north, breathtaking scenes in north-eastern region and sea beaches in the south that keeps you engaged. So, whether you are interested in trekking, Himalayan walks, wildlife safari or rough desert; you will get anything here.

What will first-time visitors feel like in India?

Since the country is still in the developing stage, it will certainly pose some problems and intricacies to the first-time visitors. You can see some sort of unexpected things in this country in the field of people lifestyle, bureaucracy, and poverty and increasing unemployment however; all these things are not going to affect your tour plan and beauty you have ever expected to experience here. In other words, visitors are often confronted with insanity here but the orientations and dimensions of people behavior will make a different place in your soul.

Historical magnificence – architecture and remains

Since Indian culture seems to be predominated by the attacks of several emperors in the past, it will showcase some of the most preserved historical remains to the visitors. Be it Taj Mahal or the Red Fort; you will simply like the way they have been built and preserved till now.

Religion and spirituality

Various religions like Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism have direct roots in the lands of this country for which it has been considered as the hub of spirituality, meditation and epics. Vedas and Purans form the backbone of religious past which will give you a different insight into human life.

What to do in India?

In your travel list, you simply would not like to miss these things –

  • Beauty of Sikkim – Himalayas
  • Taj Mahal
  • Jaisalmer Fort
  • Golden Temple, Amritsar
  • Saravana Bhawan
  • Bikaner
  • Ajanta caves
  • Khyber

Cuisine and food varieties

The entire cuisine styles and food roots seem top be affected by Mughals, British and the Afghans which will give you both top-class vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuffs to your belly. Yes, you can simply get attracted towards the plain foods in central and south India or get into action for biryanis, kebabs and curries in the northern most.