Interesting Facts For Those Who Love To Travel

If you are looking for a great way to spend your leisure time, nothing can be more rejuvenating than traveling. More than 35% people around the world would willingly give up their jobs to go see the big wide world. Many of us including you and me love traveling, even if its just to go visit our parent’s house. Some of us want to travel for fun, some for work and some to appreciate the artistic value of the world. There are still many of us who would like to travel to a country or place which is very well known for some interesting things. For instance, did you know that the city of Amsterdam has more bicycles than people? Does this fact make you want to travel to Amsterdam?

We have a list of more interesting facts about different countries, you would like to travel to!


The biggest hotel with around 6000 rooms and more than 10 restaurants would be located on some tropical island or Las Vegas right? Wrong, this hotel is located in Malaysia, in a place called Pahang, Darul and is called the Genting Highlands Resort.


The city of Manhattan in New york has its very own personal solstice. Twice every year, the sun is comes to be exactly aligned with east-west streets of the city grid. You can literally see the sun between two buildings here.


Everyone knows that Venice might be sinking soon due to the fact that its built on water. But, did you know of the existence of another city, which is sinking faster? Mexico City in Mexico is sinking ten times faster than Venice, this is a result of being built on a soft lake bed.


Did you know the Mumbai, India is has a train system which helps around 6 million people commute daily? That’s more than the population of some countries, namely Finland.


Paris, the city of love and all things sweet, is also a city which tends to give major heart burn to some travelers. This majorly results because Paris is represented in a different way by the media and experienced differently by the tourists.


Australia might as well start calling itself a big beach now. This country claims to have more than almost 10,000 beaches.


Rio de Janeiro with its splendid beaches and crowded sun kissed sand might be a hot country right? Wrong, this country tends to have an extremely pleasant temperature from the least being 20 degrees Celsius to the hottest being around 28 degrees Celsius only.

Pack your bags and go visit these interestingly beautiful travel destinations!