It’s Oktoberfest! Yoohoo!

Oktoberfest is the only time of the year where you will find all the beer lovers eagerly waiting for it. For them beer is the ultimate elixir. It makes a beautiful place for them. The Oktoberfest is fun and full of beer. There is not a slightest chance of you falling short of beer on this day. Here are few pubs and sports bar where you will find people drunk in love with the Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest starts on the 20th September and lasts till the 5th October. If you want to witness the official opening ceremony of this fest then you should be at Schottenhamel tent. If you are in Munich, these beer styles you have to try during the Oktoberfest.

Pilsner is the most famous beer style. For this beer you will have to produce it dry, crisp and refreshing in hops, soft water and dense head. The color of this beer is yellowish with a dense white form. Also it is a little more bitter than a regular beer. This is because of the hops. A dark lager is usually called as dunkel in Germany. The color of these beers will start from amber color to dark reddish brown ones. This type of beer contains a combination of dry chocolate or licorice notes with lager, of course. The ones that are produced in Germany have a sweetened taste.

The beer which is very popular in Germany is the wheat beer called Weizenbiers. This type of beer falls in to the top fermented beers category. It contains nearly 50% of malted wheat content with some malted barely. The taste of this beer is fruity. Its sweet yet very refreshing. The head or the foam of the beer is thick white. And a high demand for this beer is seen during the summer season. Though it has high quantity of carbonation yet not heavy. For a light flavored and unfiltered beer try Zwickelbier. The moment you pop up its cork you will be hypnotized with its aroma. It is not so very bitter. As soon as the fermentation process is done, you have to serve this beer. Not doing so will only spoil the beer. Exportation of this beer is also not done.

Shandy is more like a beer cocktail. Again, another summer drink which means its refreshing. This beer is usually consumed with a little lemonade and little beer. If not lemonade, some soda. You can even add wheat beer or light lagers in Shandy. So technically, this is more of a woman’s drink.