Lesser Known Indian Islands, You’ve Got To Visit

Apart from being so diverse and colorful in all aspects, India is also a peninsula. This means that the mainland of this country is covered in water on all three sides. Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal make up the three water sides of the country. The best part about such abundance of water you ask? Islands, this country has its fair share of beautiful, green enchanting islands which aren’t quite famous yet are worth taking a trip.

Here we have a list of all those lesser known islands, that you would like to travel to by taking a break from the daily grind.

Dilvar Island, Goa


This is the very island where a part of the iconic movie Dil Chahta Hai was shot. Just around 10 km upstream from Panaji, Goa, this islands presents itself as a very green, harmonious and scenic place to be with its picturesque beauty and the vibrant culture of the villages around here.

St. Mary’s Island, Karnataka


This is set of four islands together and is situated at a short distance from the Udipi coast in Karnataka. Apart from scenery that looks like it is a painting come to life, this island is also famous for a unique hexagonal shaped rock found here.

Little Andaman Island, Andaman


This island is like a paradise explored only by a few. With its waterfalls, coral reefs, beautiful rare marine turtles only add to its magnificent beauty. It also has a lot of adventure sports and surfing that serve as favorite attractions for the tourists.

Barren Island, Andaman


Like the name suggests, this island is not really habitable. The main reason for this could be that, it is the only active volcanic island in India. But this does more to add to the beauty of this island which is the perfect place for anyone who is a photographer.

So, are you ready for some seaside exploring?