Love Game Of Thrones? Visit These Great Houses

The next season of Game of thrones, which is a very popular TV series, releases in the year 2017. If you are a fan of GoT, as this show is popularly known as, you surely must have pledged your allegiance to one of the many houses depicted in the game series. Be it the mighty Lannisters or the everyone’s favorite Starks or the great Targaryen queen, Daenerys. The show which is an epic battle between the many kingdoms, in Westeroes and Esos for ruling all the seven kingdoms and sitting on the much coveted Iron Throne.

All of us have dreamed time and again of fighting alongside our favorite houses, but did you ever wish to visit the palaces of these great houses? We found three beautiful locations where Game of Thrones was shot, the best part about them is that they double up as great travel destinations. So draw up your sword and visit these!



If you absolutely taken by north as much as the Starks are, then it is only obvious that you must visit, the house of the Starks. This place is where the production and shooting of GoT took place and it is situated in Belfast, Ireland. Known as a very rugged beauty, it offers tourists a great tour, cosplay and all those shenanigans that you’ve been yearning for.

House Martell


This is located in Seville, Spain and is the most sensual treat you could ever travel for. Full of fine dining and fancy wines, this place knows how to be lavish in the most fascinating way. Go ahead and experience how the Martells like to spend their days, full of indulgence and luxury.

Of Dragons and People With Silver Locks


Although the city of stone as shown on the show, is something you won’t be able to visit but, this place in Morocco comes a close second. GoT filmed quite a few episodes in this land full of sandy beaches, but sadly no dragons. There’s a lot to see out here like the vibrant and colorful western market, replete with