Know more about Malawi – small in size but full of outdoor activities and landscapes

Often acknowledged as the warm heart of Africa, Malawi is one of the most beautiful and smallest countries which have been neglected due to its size but it nevertheless has compromised with travel attractions. This country is land-locked with Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique on different sides but poses a different angle when it comes to terrain, hills and mountain views. One of the greatest reasons to visit this elegant nation is that it has been visited less in history and it definitely requires your trip to feel the magic of wildlife and local cultures.


People and culture

All the visitors and travelers have been welcomed with open mind and arms which itself tells the story of people. No doubt, people here seem to be the greatest asset of this nation because of their friendly behavior and good guest etiquettes which are seldom available in this world. You will be tuned very closer to the local people because of their long lasting welcome expressions, cultural feelings and live traditional values that will never deviates you. Cultural experience will be felt along the way as soon as you are near to the Malawian people.


Although Malawi is beautiful and attracts people all the year round, you may prefer the cooler months, August or September and even hotter months, November-April as the best time to visit Malawi. On the other hand, you can find the excellent combination of the above mentioned seasons in May-June with excellent views of green and visible attractions. This country seems to be the best for bird watchers, nature lovers and game viewers who can enjoy at the topmost level at the countryside.

Major attractions for Malawi

  • Lake – Lake Malawi seems to be quite central to the country and offers you a lot of benefits which include water sport opportunities. This lake has been termed as ‘inland sea’, for this small and land-locked country which offers you golden sand beaches to relax and take rest.
  • Wildlife – There are interestingly more than 9 national parks and reserves for the settlement of wildlife species, which comprise of both flora and fauna. Genuine wilderness will be witnessed here although it may not share the habitat of larger mammals when compared to the neighboring lands.
  • Landscape – This country is very pleased to offer visitors with numerous attractive landscapes, with top level versatility in the sea levels. You can easily find here mountains, hills, rivers, greeneries, plateaus, forests and plains with a number of outdoor activities waiting for your creativity.

Packing tips

Since Malawi is located in the tropical climate zone, you may feel extreme heat on some days because of which you are required to go for light trousers, long sleeved shirts and other forms of light clothing. Jersey may be preferred for cooler month visits so that you can enjoy the highlands visit.

Health risks

As per the latest report, Malawi has some sort of health dangers associated with malaria prevalence which compels the interested visitor to take advice from physician and undergo medication against malaria like course or tablets.