Get accustomed to versatile cuisines and multi-national cultural heritage in Malaysia

Divided nearly equally into half by the South Chinese Sea, Malaysia boasts of being an excellent travel destination if you really like to see the Asian culture and cuisine in one place. The local culture and ethnic influences are from several countries which include Chinese, Malay and Indian which serves as a multi-cultural peninsula for most of the foreign visitors. In the recent past few years, this country has served as the top global travel destinations because of impressive natural beauty, remote tribes, granite peaks and of course, orangutans. Apart from these things, you cannot also miss the splendor of Kuala Lumpur sky-high rocketing structures and pleasing appetite that will keep you engaged for a long time.


Major attractions of Malaysia

  • Islands – There are endless provisions to book a Phuket hotel, beach bungalows and house in the islands of Malaysia which are often known for streets full of scooters and full moon parties that frequently rob virginity. Yes, you will be also privileged to go with duty free alcoholic ranges with quality smoking in some of the local islands such as Labuan, Tioman and Langkawi.
  • Places – Marching a way ahead of the latest milestones in tandem with traditional values, visitors often like to include Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Brunei in the list of favorite places to visit at once. There is no dearth of malls, streets, food stuffs and shopping complexes here in the country which will give you an opportunity to move forward with your favorite items in the bag.
  • Rainforests and parks – Visitors with trekking and hiking interests would certainly like to pay visit to the rainforest for interconnected trails, equipped with rain shelters and again, there is no need of any guide to travel here.

Important things to know before you visit Malaysia

  • Social media – The recent report from TNS confirms that 87.9% of the local people often access Facebook and other social media platforms on regular basis which clearly indicates Malaysia is very much social-media friendly and e-social nationality.
  • Milo – In Malaysia, people will enjoy more Milo time because the country seems to be the greatest consumer of cocoa and malty drink in the world. You will be surprised to know that all famous global chains like McDonalds, coffee shops and KFC will serve it with pleasure.
  • Low cost airline travels – Malaysia has been often considered as the country which provides low-cost and safe air travel to the locals and foreign visitors which simply means that everyone can fly here.

People and food – Malaysia

You will find a unique cultural combination and co-operation in local people here because of presence of different cultures and ethnicities. Of course, the society on the other side seems to be open minded, with effects accepted from the Indian, Chinese and Indian cultures. Although Muslim forms nearly half of the national population, you can opt for eye-catching and tasty cuisines or food stuffs here in Malaysia. Penang offers turkey, beef and chicken in the bacon category which is liked by all visitor classes.