Party in the Mediterranean style when in Spain

Did you know that the Mediterranean sea spreads as long as 1660km of the Spanish coast. It begins from Tarifa which is situated at the southern European province of Cadiz to the cliffs of Cabo de Creus which is at the border and between France and Spain. Since the stretch is wide spread you will be surprised that it has so much more to offer right from landscape to cultures.

So when you are on the road trip, try avoiding train as it would be a little expensive. So probably rent a car. So now when you are planning on starting your road trip you should start from Malaga. The airport here offers you many international connections along with a car rental station. Since you are on the road, you will be more interested in the unexplored areas. So what you can do is head east. You will come across town which will appear totally white. It is called pueblos blancos. You will find them spread out on the coast and even a handful on the mountains.

Make your first stop at Nerja. It is 55km to the east of Malaga. You will here explore traditional tourisim. You can stroll along Frigiliana, then a pueblo blanco where you will get the most spectacular view of the Sierra Almijara and an Arab castle which is from the 10th century, Salobrena. Further east you will see Alemria where you will find the only desert in the western European region, Cabo De Gata and Desierto de Taberans. This desert has served as a background to the Hollywood classic Lawrence of Arabia and the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

A little ahead, you will come across the province of Murcia. The temperature here is high as it is close to the Desierto de Taberans desert. This place is small but then it has some museums and historical places. This place is good for base camp. A little north from there is a little less than 500km coastline where lies the famous Levante espanol. You will find the famous Spanish resort here. You can go fishing or even do birdwatching here.

The Golden Coast which is originally known as Costa Daurada lies in the province of Tarragona. This is the place where you will find the beaches packed and crowded. But this place also has good national parks, wetlands and beautiful landscape.