Reasons to visit Mongolia

visit Mongolia
The bliss of aloneness, far off from the crowded world with limitless boundary of grassland and mountains and hills is what Mongolia is about. However, the eastern Mongolian region is quite bitter for human civilization. You will find nomads residing here frequently. However in this region you will find greenery, blue lakes and rocky mountains. Mongolia is often described as the land of hill, forest and lakes.

When you are on the eastern coast of Mongolia, take the eat road from Ulaanbaatar to Chinngis Khan city. And from there start heading to the north where there will be hills, lakes and forests. When you find the surrounding like this you are in Khenti. This is the quietest place. The Khokk Nur lake is very famous here. Legends have it that this is the very lake where Chinngis Khan first proclaimed himself as the Khan of the Mongoliam tribe. You will also find the ancient Baldan Bereeven Khiid temple here which was destroyed by the Communist clearing and then again restored.

You also get to ride horse along the path to the burial ground of Chinngis Khan. You should know that the holy mountain is off limit for outsiders. The village that you will see near by is the village Dadal where he was born. One simply cannot miss the devotional ribbons stand. Also you can drink from the spring where Khan used to drink.

Now if you take the east, you are in the northern territory of Dornod. This place is famous for the ruins of the temple. And if you walk a little ahead you will enter the Bayan Uul village. This village still practices the ancient shamanism. If you continue ahead, you will end up touching the Russian bored. So, stop! And take a south turn. You will come across a blue lake which is a bird rich wetland. And if you take the route to Choibalsan, you will get to witness some hot showers and pass by the Chinggis Khan’s Wall. Well, its more of a road than of a wall now. You can camp on the northern side where you will get to see the sun setting over China.

Did you know some of the most destructive weapons of WWII were found on the banks of Khalkhiin Gol river. It was the time when Japan succeeded Siberia. If you have to truly see Mongolia then you need patience and time and very importantly planning.