Ride away the romantic railways

romantic railways
Daily traveling by train will actually make you hate it even if you were to sit in a luxurious railways ever. But then there are a few railways that can light up your mood and ignite the spark of romance. A romantic rail ride will certainly take you on a journey of spectacular scenery and will create a magic and make you fall in love all over again. Here are few of the railways that you should take at least once in your lifetime.

The West Highland Line of Scotland is a perfect start for your romantic rail ride. This is regarded as the most romantic rail journeys of all time. It rails through Glasgow to Fort William, crossing the Glenfinnan Viaduct. This will be a totally Harry Potter like journey. And along the ride you will see the Dumbarton Castle and Arrochar Alps. South Africa is famosu for Pretoria to Durban express. This train is entirely colored in blue and is the most luxurious railways of the world. This train is a link between two greet cities. They offer you comfortable beds, TV, bath tub and butler service.

The land of kangaroos has its rail express from Adelaide and Darwin. This is a four days travel but then since it is a luxurious train, no need to worry. This train is famous known as the Ghan. The train offers you cabins with large beds, en suite bathrooms. Did you know that near Alice Springs, the train halts at Macdonnell Ranges and this is place that will make you take this railways again and again. It is right here where you can enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars.

Want to experience a vintage ride, then hop on the White Pass Summit Excursion. You will come across great views of the Canadian glaciers, mountains, waterfalls and some historical sights. This is another romantic railways in the world that passes the Inspiration Point, Bridal Veil Falls and Dead Horse Gulch. Speaking of railways, it is not possible to cut out on Russia. The Moscow to Vladivostok is another blue colored express. It is commonly known as the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express Train. This express passes through the largest freshwater lakes in the world, Baikal. Further ahead it runs through the gigantic Ural mountains as well. The suites offer you the best comfort. You can control the suite temperature. They also have mini bars and huge bath tubs. What can get better than this?