Come to Scotland for taking glimpse of whisky distilleries and green tourism planning

Holiday trips in Scotland can surround your happiness in several ways where you have lots of things to see and do. Yes, this natural heaven combined with human endeavors will present you with fascinating boat trips to train ride along with excellent cuisine to taste and feel into your heart. Some of the major tourist attractions can be summarized as fascinating museums, country houses, beautiful castles and stunning wildlife parks apart from lochs and hills. Many people have ignored this travel destination either because of lesser knowledge or due to simple ignorance. Whatsoever is the reason for neglecting this country, you cannot tolerate now this beautiful location which can fill your mind and heart with happiness, innermost pleasure and utmost satisfaction to the organized trips.


Topmost factors to go to Scotland

  • History and past profiles – Are you interested in historical monuments? Or do you like to see something which is older than even Giza pyramids? If yes, welcome to the Scotland which boasts of showcasing visitors with medieval castles, roman walls and standing stones. You will also love the Skara Brae in Orkney Islands.
  • Promotion of green tourism – Since a major section of the country’s population thrives in the low belt regions; you will find extreme greeneries surrounding every spot. Of course, the government has also invested efforts in making the green tourism concept more global and attractive to support economy, conserve natural resources and reduce wastes.
  • Culture and music festivals – The local air will be fully giving a musical signal to the ears of visitors, with a wide variety of instruments such as bodhrans, fiddles, bagpipes and tin whistles. On the other hand, you will also like to enjoy and participate in a number of festivals like Orkney Folk Festival, Shetland Folk Festivals and Celtic Connections to relax for a few moments.
  • Cuisine – If you love the taste and smell of various cuisine and food types, you will of course like to revisit this beautiful country where the chefs will be happy to serve with fresh, local and seasonal foods. In fact, visitors often prefer venison, whisky, shellfish and salmon in the local food variety.
  • Booming whisky industry – It is needless to say that Scotland and UK has earned billions of dollars by exporting quality whisky and malt scotch to foreign lands. With evolving distilleries, the country seems to be well prepared for the fresh whisky styles such as single cask, cask strength, vintage editions, wood finishes and multiple malts with variety of flavors.

Places of tourist attractions

  • Edinburgh Castle – This is what will attract you with the brooding black rocks and rising stones above the western end of Princes St.
  • Old Course – It was nearly 15th century until when golf has been played in Scotland and that is why the Old Course attracts the visitors however; very few talented and experienced players can fight against the world’s most popular course of the game.

Mount Stuart – Scotland presents you with geo-Neolithic palace in the form of Mount Stuart where Robert the Bruce and descendents have lived for more than 6 centuries. So, what does it offer? It is the prominent and foremost magnificent and status homes of UK to boast of heated swimming pool, central heating and electrical lighting arrangements