Stop being a Tourist, and start being a Traveller

We all have been a tourist in some place , in some faraway city. But have you ever been a explorer? How many times did you explore and wondered around an unknown place by yourself? Did you give up your comfortable stay and slept under the stars on the blanket of earth? Did you venture into the wild and had a peaceful conversation with the nature?

The answer to most of the questions is NO. Because we have always been a traveller and never an explorer. What if Columbus did not explored, we wouldn’t had known America.Exploring doesn’t necessarily means packing up your bags and leaving for months , explorations ain’t limited to space and deep underground. Exploring means to venture out from the mainstream and see and experience what others didn’t. To feel what you cannot express through words.


Exploring starts with taking risks which we all fear. But risk would help you overcome your fear and make you an explorer. Did you try the old man’s cafe over the 5 star restaurant? How about sneaking in the midnight on deserted lanes to find out the dark stories of the happy day light streets? May be you would certain gems that you were in search of, you never know what lies behind those walls unless you go and see it by yourself.


So start exploring and rather than putting up the cliché pictures on your social media, put the real pictures with real people. This would inspire others like you to take a step and follow you.