Striking national parks around the world

The wildlife is on the verge of extinction. And man is the culprit. But there has been some awareness about this issue and you will find that man is building up many sanctuaries and the government is setting up national parks to save animal life. National parks are a great place to hangout with family and friends and of course with kids. National parks are loved by all. These parks are set up with the motive of saving the animals and preserving their natural habitat. Here are few national parks around the world that you would surely love.

Wales has its own national park called the Snowdonia National Park. This national park is located on the Snowdon mountain which is 3560 feet tall. This mountain appears like a typical kindergarten drawing that we have been replicating for years. You will find the trees, river flowing down the mountain, a sun and birds. If you watch out well you may also see a castle or two. There are tons of stories and tales relating this place. Way back in 1951 this was the 3rd national park of Britain. The tress here are deciduous.

South Africa is a home of national parks. And among one such national parks is the famous Kruger national park. This national park is said to be the largest national parks of the world. It is a home of various species of animals including elephants, rhinos and giraffes. There are few towers from where you can get a clear view of the animals. This national park is said to have 21 rest camps, 2 private lodge and 15 safari lodges.

The next one would be the national park of Australia, Kakadu. This national park has been recognized as a national heritage site. The most viewed place is the aboriginal rock art. This place is a shelter to many animals and the best place to see them closely and carefully is by the watering hole. This national park alone has about 1700 plant species. How? It is the result of landform, geological and habitat diversity. And that is one reason why you will find so many tourists come here.

Nepal just as is beautiful, its national park Sagarmatha National Park is the definition of spectacular. This park has many of the Sherpa villages and some monasteries as well. The view of mount Everest is jaw-dropping from here. And that is one heck of a tourists spot. You will find the foot of mount Everest crowded. And it is here where several animals have made their home.