Subtract Stress And Add Fun With These Travel Tips

Taking a vacation is supposed to be about relaxing and recharging, but there’s no doubt that vacations have a stressful side. Studies show that the most stressful part of the trip is the part that you’re in now: planning. And poor planning techniques, such as jam-packing your schedule full of every conceivable activity, can actually lead to your vacation experience to cause an overall increase your stress levels! That’s no good at all, of course.

First things first: you need to find a way to de-stress the planning process. One option is certainly to go with an all-inclusive resort, say managers at Welk Resorts’ Sirena del Mar resort. If you do decide to plan each element of your trip individually by yourself, you’ll want to organize things carefully, keeping key information all in one place to reduce the fear that you’ve left something out. If neither of these things sounds appetizing to you, perhaps you should consider using a travel agent. Once a declining industry, travel agencies have made a comeback as a new generation of travelers sees the advantages of allowing someone else to plan a trip.

Of course, any trip has risks, and you should address your fears and worries in a sensible way. Worried about your suitcase? Get a colorful bag tag or luggage strap that will set it apart, making it easy to spot and hard for well-meaning fellow travelers to mistake it for their own luggage. You can be more sure of remembering your plane tickets if you use e-tickets stored on your phone. And you can protect your entire trip with travel insurance, a move that’s sure to ease your mind a bit.

But don’t worry beyond the point that it’s useful. You say you have anxiety issues, which hopefully means that you have the support of a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist. Rely on that professional and the resources available through your school to address your stress and your anxiety issues. We all need a little help to keep our heads on straight, so make sure that you’re getting the support you need while you plan your big trip!

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes, it hurts. It even breaks your heart. But that’s okay.

The journey changes you: It should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”