Super 3 gadgets you need on your next trip!

Travelling is no more a luxurious vacation.It’s a journey in itself. The destinations aren’t fix and the time is not measured. So when you are travelling, technology travels with you. We are now in 21st century where normal chores are not to be worried. We humans have developed machinery which can replace all your home comforts. We are so addicted to our gadgets that it becomes difficult to travel without them. But luggage:( Here are some super gadgets that you can take along without the guilt of the weight.

1.Pocket size washing machine:

Washing your clothes has always been a nightmare when you are travelling for a long trip. You have no choice than investing your precious time on this daily chores. You end up carrying extra pair of clothes because fear of washing clothes in the middle of nowhere. But this can change completely. Picket size washing machine would give you freedom from this little worries. With only 2-4 litres of water and a bit of washing liquid you’ll have your clothes fresh and clean in less than 3 minutes

washing machine