Excellent tips to save money on Sweden trip – enjoy the colds and Arctic feeling

If you are of a different view that Sweden is an expensive, colder and less attractive place then you should get rid of all the misconceptions and preconceived views about this beautiful country. Of course, you can visit here in the summer season if you hate the winter chills and winds because Sweden offers you much more than only winter such as excellent hospitality, rich history, tasty cuisine and water sports activities to boost up your energy levels. In other words, the country boasts of inspiring cultures and rich historical feats apart from frozen lands to attract you. It has only got approximately nine million of population to welcome you with warmth and smiling faces which have got long lasting impression.


What can you do and see in Sweden?

Well, there are several tourist attractions in Sweden which will never disappoint you if you have now planned to take a local trip. Yes, allow your spirit to just get free and take a view of the natural beauty and cultural achievements of the locals.

  • Stockholm Archipelago – You will love top travel to the elegant islands situated here through private boats, originating from Stockholm.
  • Vasa museum – If you love history, you will simply like to pay visit to the Vasa museum, which has still preserved ship from 17th century for your six-level views. This museum has been included in the wonders of world for Sweden and it showcases the battle ship with beauty and topmost elegance.
  • Ice Hotel – It will be lively and vibrant for your life if you are interested to stay in igloos because Ice Hotel in the north will supply you with bed, dining room and bar; everything made of ice to your amazement and pleasure.
  • Bohuslan coast – Glaciers have played an important role in carving out this beautiful and pleasant coast of Bohuslan where you can easily see the UNESCO rock-caring site and Scandinavian fjords.
  • Lapland – The natural, traditional and historical habitat of Samis, you will definitely love to visit the Lapland which boasts of showing you reindeer and tundra-like landscape. Visitors often like to enjoy skiing and feeling the colds of north Arctic.

Saving money on a Sweden trip

Since Sweden offers you expensive tourism option in any month of the year, it is always essential to learn some common and exceptional tips to save your earnings while you are busy in travelling here and there in this beautiful country. It should be noted here that you will have to meet with expenses when it comes to food, accommodation, transportation and activities which means you should know more about money savings.

  • Getting railway pass – If your trip consists of endless transportation, it is better to buy rail pass before your journey starts to save a few hundred dollars.
  • Prefer beer over alcohol – Since Sweden hardly offers alcoholic drinks; visitors must focus on the beer to fill their appetite which seems to be an affordable option.
  • Leave the local restaurants and try to get into buffet which is cheaper alternative for taking lunch.
  • Never try to waste your money in clubs.

Try taking Metro and City Tourism cards for saving extra bucks