Table Manners You Should Know About While Travelling

The trip you were looking forward to is going to happen in just a matter of days. All of your things are packed and are in perfect order, passports at hand you catch the flight. Reaching the destination, you take a deep breath of air, belonging to a  foreign land. You decide to go grab a snack and enter the most ethnic eatery of that country, have some great food and tip the chef to express your gratitude.

But, you are alarmed at the uproar this action send the chef into and you have to meekly apologize as you walk out of the restaurant. A small experience yet potent enough to ruin your trip. It thus becomes extremely important to follow the proper etiquette when it comes to travelling, talking and dining on a vacation to a foreign country. So, we thought of hitting on to the dining basics to follow up our posts about how certain things are found to be offensive by the natives of certain countries.

Working in a similar vein, we found this great info graphic which explains all the great tourist destinations and the peculiar dining habits they follow.



Bon Appetite!