Take a Break


What is travel according to you? Is it a quest that can make life changing events? Or an adventure which has just popped right out of your imagination? Or nothing but an inspiration right in the time when you needed it? A travel many a times can also be a drag. But that largely depends on you and the ways you have learned about your future endure.

Like mentioned earlier, travelling can be heave. It majorly happens when the travelling part stop leading into killing of fun. This is the moment when you get the ‘travel burnout.’ Travelling burnout can occur due to continuous exertion on the trip. It may be due to long road travel trips or simply you took up travelling at the time when it wasn’t necessary. Like if you know for sure that you are exhausted already from work why make a fool of yourself by taking a long trekking trip. Many a times just for the heck of getting out of the apartment and the monotonous life planning an immediate trip without proper background check is going to backfire. For instance, visiting some ashram you heard of in India that to in June to September period when half the country is drowned in flood, bad idea!

So what to do when you get a travel burnout? Coming back home in frustration and whining about the inefficiency of the country you visited is not going to do you any good. It is a time to take a break from taking a break. And for your own sake, try not to be too spontaneous when it comes to travelling. Be sure to make a background check.