Take A Trip To One Of Virginia’s Haunted Houses



In the course of the most recent decade or somewhere in the vicinity, the exhibition hall has increased expanding reputation for its spirits. Numerous paranormal examinations have been held amid which they have accumulated photographs and recordings of what they accept to be apparitions.

Memorable Dumfries, Inc., which runs the historical center, chosen to profit by general society’s interest about phantoms and since 2004 has facilitated Ghostly Lock-ins amid October with the goal that guests can rest in the gallery overnight planning to recognize a soul. Amid that same month it additionally has phantom strolls that happen in Merchant Park, behind the gallery where Civil War spirits are accounted for to have been scene.

The Merchant family – Richard and Annie and their girls Mary and Violet – moved into the house, now the exhibition hall, in the 1869. Many trust Mary and Violet and perhaps others spirits stay in the house.

Mary, who is supposed to have had epilepsy, was kept in repression in an upstairs room until she kicked the bucket in 1906 at 23 years old. Her dad kicked the bucket that year. Violet, who had moved away, returned home to deal with her mom who kicked the bucket in 1952. She remained in the house until her demise in 1968.

Annie Merchant could be the  widoe alluded to in the Dead File’s scene.

Among the most detailed confirmation of a spooky nearness are an antique doll that has moved around the parlor room, books that have been moved, shades that shudder, windows that open and close all alone and a photo held tight the divider that has been found on the floor or provoked up on a seat.

The Weems-Botts Museum frequently makes arrangements of most spooky places in Virginia.