Take A Trip To The City Of Love

Paris is not only the capital of France but also a global destination, for fashion, art, gastronomy and culture. This city has been called the city of love for a lot of reasons including the Eiffel Tower. The city is very well known for all of its beautiful and mesmerizing boulevards and beautiful cafes which the city seems to be laden with. When it comes to food, this city offers the most amount of cafes and restaurants with the most lip smacking, gourmet food for all the food lovers out there.

From the most famous painting, The Mona Lisa to all the other amazing artwork in the Louvre Museum these are the best attractions, which gets a lot of tourists in droves to this city of macaroons. Here’s a video which truly explains, what a delight it is to travel to the city of Paris, full of chapels, cathedrals and the beauty of 19th Century Architecture.