The 26 year old man who sold off everything to travel the world with his family!

This 25 year old tech millionaire sold up all his assets to travel around the world with his family and this pictures are the proof of that perfect family does exist and this is it. I will accompany you while you sob with tissues.

Today, our family YouTube channel is 1 year old!! It's still small but we're doing our best to grow it. 💙✌🏼💙 Our mindset from the beginning was to create family videos to help us remember our special adventures together. That way, if nobody else ever watched our vlog we would still be grateful for our time and efforts. Every video for us is a family treasure. I'm sure it's easy to tell how rookie we are at this but hopefully you can also feel the hard work and sincerity behind each video. We really appreciate your comments and feedback that help us improve and keep going. We LOVE to hear from you!! 💙☺️💙 The link in our profile is to our very first video!! WEEK 1 from Provo, Utah!! 💙🌎💙 /// #family #bucketlist #adventure #lds #wanderlust #travel #vlog /// @beautifuldestinations @natgeoadventure @thecouplegoal.s @shaycarl @lonelyplanet @youtube @travelandleisure

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Do you require tissues or a shoulder to cry on?