The 3 cities with best work life balance in the world

Work-life balance has been an topic of discussion for years now. The global average working hour is 44-45 hours per week but this isn’t same all over the globe. Certain cities enjoy less than 35 hour per week. This cities are going to give you major work goals because enjoying life and managing it is an art itself. The top 3 cities in the list are below.



1. Paris, France — 30.84 hours. Parisians are the easiest going people of any major city, working just under 31 hours per week, or 1,603.8 hours every year. That’s almost 18% fewer hours than the global average

paris 1
2. Lyon, France — 31.36 hours. Despite being the city with the second best work-life balance in the world, Lyon isn’t even top of the list in France. Nonetheless, workers get a pretty sweet deal, working just 1,630 hours a year, and taking an average of 28.5 days holiday.

lyon, france
3. Moscow, Russia — 31.66 hours. Not only do workers in Russia’s capital work just 1,646 hours per year, they also take nearly 31 days of holiday time each year.



PS: We can think together to shift our base to this cities