The biggest mistakes that we commit on when on a vacation

Vacation is supposed to be free, rather being carefree is all about vacation. So how can noting down mistakes is counted? But there are certain things that we end up doing on a vacation. Some things which are useless rather worthless and total waste of vacation time. Yes we all commit those vacation mistakes but we barely look at them as any mistake. We consider them more of an adrenaline rush or the vacation spirit. Take a look.

The biggest crime on a vacation is buying useless souvenirs. Yes, certain souvenirs are of no use. A souvenir like jester hat, bobble-head queens guard and so on. And you will not realize these things as any useless until the time to pack them for home arrives. Okay so you can pack them and get them back home, then what? It directly gets settled in the closet with some other souvenirs. Or you may give it to your friends or family. Instead buy a souvenir which can be used for latter, like, a book or piece of jewelery, etc.

What exactly happens when you are on a vacation? Why that all of a sudden inhuman way of dressing? You will put on that bright colored Hawaiian shirt with same colorful shorts which was lying somewhere in the attic for so long. Going on a vacation does not mean that it is the time to go back in the stone age. Wear good mix match which are comfortable and yet good looking. And do not over dress. It is vacation and not a wedding. Again, vacation is not your cue to eat anything or to junk down food like you have been starving for centuries. Do not go crazy seeing a buffet. Continue your normal eating habit. But you do not have to act all calorie conscious. Also since it is a new place so you have to try the local or new cuisine. You do not have to do that! For a change try those spiders and grasshoppers but again, it is not compulsory.

Vacation is not about taking pictures or selfies. Yes you do want to carry home some memories, but then make sure it is some memories and not tones of memories. The reason for not taking too many clicks is when you will be engrossed in clicking or posing you will be missing on the nearby landmark or place. Understand the place well and then start your photo shoot.

So now you know what all minor vacation mistakes we commit unknowingly. Make sure you avoid them and trust me, your vacation will be a pleasant one.