The magic spell of New York

New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world. For some it may be an overrated city but for some it is their dream place. This city is short of nothing, except parking space. It is fully stocked with history, scenery and locals. You will find a little of every culture in New York. Songs have been written on this city, some sayings has its origin from New York, but what attracts us to this city like no other? Why can’t a traveler resist the urge of visiting New York? Lets find out.

One of the famous landmarks of New York is Times Square. This place looks the same, irrespective whether it is day or night. The street is super busy with the motion of people and the buildings will be lit up with banners and billboards. While the Central Park is completely the opposite of Times Square. Where you will find Time Square same all the time, Central Park will appear different in all seasons. Summer time will be a crowded one while in autumn you will find the lanes of Central Park covered with leaves while in winter, it appears as a mysterious isolated area. And when in Central Park, ensure that you dedicate an entire day or else you will miss on big things.

When it comes to New York, rather any city, the architecture and people make the city presentable and unique. To understand this well, you must visit Brooklyn and Manhattan. Manhattan may be defined as a concrete jungle by some, but then have a look at this concrete jungle at night. It will be breathtaking seeing all the skyscrapers lit which is seen only in few cities around the world.

During Christmas time, one should surely make a stop at the Rockefeller Center. If you will scroll some previous articles you will observe that New York offers you the best rooftop bars in the world. Some of these bars are affordable while some are really heavy on the pocket, but one thing that these rooftop bars have in common is that they offer you the best New York view. Speaking of budget, if you are a shopaholic then stay away from Fifth Avenue. It is the most expensive shopping streets of New York. And girls, how can you ever miss on the Plaza, your dream wedding destination.

New York is also described as one of the most populated city, but then you will find a touch of nature and freshness at Rainbow Fall, near Watkins Glen State. Knowing what really attracts a traveler to New York will be vague. Is it the charming streets, the energetic locals or the ancient magnificent skyscrapers? Well, you will have to visit New York and decide for yourself.