The ‘real’ TV show restaurants

Twin Peak.
We all have wished to visit our favorite TV shows restaurants. Sadly, these place appear in reel world and not in real world. But, that is not the situation any more. Yes! You can actually visit your favorite TV shows restaurants in real living world. Do make sure to visit them once.

All the Breaking Bad fans get set for this restaurant. The only major difference that you will come across is that it is named Twisters while the original name is Los Pollos Hermanoes. This diner is set up in Albuquerque in New Mexico. This particular restaurant is very similar to the original. You will also find a Los Pollos Hermanoes gigantic sticker on the wall. A pretty cute cafe is Ray’s cafe from Girls. This cafe is very commonly also known as Cafe Grumpy. This cafe was opened in the year 2005 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. More than the locals hanging out here, you will find the tourists.

Also known as the Twede’s Cafe in North Bend, Washington is the cafe from Twin Peak. This Double R Dinner is famous for its coffee and cherry pie on which the whole show was about. The most famous and beloved cafes of all time is Central Perk from Friends. You will find the exact replica of Central Perk at 199 Lafayette Street. This cafe was open just a month back and will last until October 18th so better run and grab a seat on the infamous orange couch.

Holsten’s is a very famous spot from the final scenes of Sopranos. This place sells ice creams, milkshakes, lunches and confectionery. And if you are ever here make sure to grab a burger bite. Its famous for it. What is the place where all the OC characters hangout? Right, Pier Dinner. However, as shown this dinner is in Newport Beach, but in the real world you will find it in Redondo Beach, California. Also if you will ask for Pier Dinner, you will not get it. Rather try asking for Redondo Coffee Shop. So which one of the restaurants is your favorite?