The Safest Travel Destinations Worldwide

Searching for a feeling that all is well with the world? You might need to go to Tokyo.

As indicated by the Safe Cities Index 2017, a report delivered by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the most secure city on the planet this year is Tokyo, taken after nearly by Singapore and Osaka.

The report dissected 60 noteworthy urban areas over the globe, using four noteworthy criteria to figure out which are the most secure and minimum safe: advanced security, wellbeing security, foundation security, and individual security.


Tokyo, which likewise took the best spot in the 2015 report, got a general score of 89.8, coming in first for advanced security, second for wellbeing security, and fourth for individual security. The city positioned twelfth for foundation security.

Singapore got a score of 89.64, and Osaka a 88.87. Toronto, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Sydney, Stockholm, Hong Kong, and Zurich balanced the best 10.

On the inverse end of the range, Karachi, Pakistan, came in as the slightest safe city, with a general score of 38.77. Karachi positioned keep going for wellbeing security and individual security, and had the most noteworthy recurrence and seriousness of fear based oppressor assaults. Yangon, Myanmar came in second to last place by and large, with a score of 46.47. Dhaka, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, Caracas, Quito, Tehran, Cairo, and Johannesburg were additionally at the base of the rundown.

The report brings up that while the U.S. performs well in advanced security, the nation’s framework adversely influenced its rankings this year. No U.S. city was incorporated into the main 10; San Francisco, at 15, was the just a single in the best 20.

The report features a “sharp partition in general levels of wellbeing between the quick urbanizing creating world and the dormant created world.” With the exemptions of Madrid and Seoul, security is falling instead of ascending in many urban communities, with places like New York City falling 11 spots to 21st, and Lima dropping 13 spots to 44th.

In any case, the report notes that security isn’t totally in decrease: “In any event in the created world, more urban communities are committing assets to computerized security.” Still, the report finds, there are critical holes in wellbeing.

“In many occurrences, it’s a matter of assets—money related, human and political,” the report states. “However in others, it’s an issue of comprehension. The last is simpler to scaffold and urban areas can begin with distinguishing the issues and seeing how they’ve been comprehended somewhere else.”