The smartest and trickiest ways of packing your bag when traveling

packing your bag
Holidays are fun and exciting. And beyond that they are refreshing. After finalizing on the venue and day of your so much fun and excited holiday you start with the biggest debate on what to carry and what not to carry. Will this fit or is it too much is what you will think over and over again. Packing your bag is no fun. It may start with some amusement but then ends up in aggressively pushing clothes in the bag. However, here are few tips and tricks which will help you in creating some space in your traveling bag.

Instead of folding your clothes you can simply roll them. This way they will not get crumbled nor will take extract space. And when you have to carry a jacket or sweater, make sure that you do not simply put them away in the bag. If you do so, your other clothes will not get much space. So what you can do is bundle them up in a cloth and then place it in the bag. Always carry your inner garments in a plastic bag rather than just hiding them away somewhere in your bag. Use a sealed plastic bag, preferably. And then bundle them with your jacket bundle. This way some space will be saved and your inner garments will not be ruined.

Also carry a white or black shirt which you can use two times on the trip, plus which is comfortable and will go on anything. This way you can carry little less clothes. And when comes to accessories, always carry them in a pouch and not a box. A box is more likely to eat up more space than a pouch. Also use a button to carry your earrings. This way it will not get lost. All you have to do is simply wear those earrings in the button holes. And the next time you are done with your candy, do not throw away the candy box. Rather, use it to store your pins. This way it will also not get lost.

In the same way, do not carry shoe boxes or bags to carry your shoes, instead place them in shower caps. And always carry a scarf, rather a common neutral scarf. You may never know when you will be needing a scarf. Also wearing a scarf on your black or white shirt will only add to the look. A scarf can do wonders for you outfit. All you have to do is make some room and work along.