These Stone Age Houses Are Worth Paying A Visit To!

Are you a 90’s kid? The reason why we ask this repetitive question is because we’ve put together something that would please the traveler as well the child inside of you. Just like us, we’re sure you also whiled away your time before your afternoon siesta while watching one of the most iconic cartoon adaptation of the stone age life. Flintstones, with their Dino dogs, their bone jewelry, their leg driven cars and their yabba dabba doos was loved and aptly watched by all of us.

What if we told you that there are at least two real life architectures that are exact replicas of the Flintstones abode? Better yet, you can travel to check both of them out? Fabulous, no?

this one

This house is located in California and is currently on sale, but it looks like it is an exact replica of the one on the cartoon show. Its got very similar interiors as well. Look!


Staircase, the Flintstones kind.


Storage spaces with all of their signature colors.


A very modern take on the stone age-y living room with an enchanting chandelier.


A very unique kitchen as well.


An entertainment room with a hidden den.



This is another almost real life flintstones house, which you can totally visit. Popularly known as the ‘house of stones’, this house was built between four boulders and is situated in Portugal.

What about some yabba dabba doo adventure time?