This Bond Girl Packs 100+ Items Into One Carry On

Bond Girls are known to be powerful, smart and extremely stealthy. They definitely know how to get out of sticky situations and support the legendary James Bond, in the best possible way. That’s exactly what this former Bond Girl did. Rachel Grant, a great actress and a very avid traveler, was asked by a luggage company, which usually focuses on fold-able bags to show off her packing skills. She was given one carry-on bag and was asked to fit over a 100 items including  tops, shoes, stoles, hats and toiletries into it.

Usually when you pack for travel, it becomes a very tedious task to try and get everything into one big luggage bag. More often then not, you end up getting a lot more bags than yous tarted off with. As a result of this, you have to then either pay for extra luggage while coming back, or leave some of your cargo behind. This video here, offers you great tips on how to pack a lot of items into one foldable carry on bag. This way you can never be worried about having to carry a lot of luggage and definitely get more options of clothes, to look your best on the trip. Rachel uses various smart tricks like a number of elastic bags, rubber bands and pouches to pack up her clothes and accessories.


Travel smart and light with these tips!