Tourist Spots That Reddit Users Like The Most

Because of Instagram-idealize pictures and overstated travel websites, once in a while the most well known traveler spots end up being pretty exaggerated (and stuffed) when you see them for yourself.

In any case, some truly do satisfy the buildup. Voyagers of Reddit have shared their most loved recognizes that are in the manuals for a reason, and we’ve part them up into some convenient areas for you.

For nature


On the off chance that nature is the place your heart lies, numerous Reddit clients say the Alps are the place you should head. Samura1_I3 says: “I went there once regardless I long for those mountain tops. There’s no real way to portray how remarkable they are. The way they’re shaped with corner to corner strata layers makes them so instinctive and crude. It would seem that the earth burst, scarred over, nature still figured out how to flourish.”

While sparky662 portrays the perspectives over the Alps as: “One of only a handful couple of minutes I have really had my breath taken away.”


In case you’re not all that enthusiastic about the cool, have a go at making a beeline for Redwood National Park in California, where you can look at the glorious redwood and sequoia trees. Zaise_chsa says: “As somebody who lives in the Redwoods in California, I check my fortunate stars each morning I wake up to its magnificence.” Whatsername_duh portrays it as “like venturing over into some other time”.

For houses of worship and sanctuaries

When going by any city, some sort of religious building is probably going to be high on your must-see list. This bodes well as such huge numbers of holy places and sanctuaries are the most unfathomable structures, however which ones are really worth battling the group for?

For Europe, one church that individuals on Reddit truly cherish isn’t done – La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, outlined by Antoni Gaudi. Sticky_chicken says: “It’s likely the most delightful building I have ever been in.”

For some others, it’s the biggest religious complex on the planet that tops their rundown – Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Krelian1212 says: “Even in the midst of hordes of voyagers, the scale and magnificence of the place is obvious.” Reddit client stumpdumb waxes melodious about the sanctuary complex as well, posting: “Viewing the dawn over Angkor Wat was fantastic. Seeing the extent of the colossal complex from the inflatable was mind blowing. Meandering through Ta Prohm, where the huge trees are gradually gulping the sanctuary, was unimaginable. Angkor Wat is really one of the best vacationer goals on the planet.”

You may accept that some place as well known as the Taj Mahal could be a little misrepresented. You may choose to give the group a miss – however you would be stupid to do as such.

IAmNotScottBakula says: “Individuals grumble that it is swarmed and touristy, however practically every urban piece of India is swarmed, and the way that you require a ticket for section really makes it less swarmed than a ton of different ranges. The design thoroughly satisfies the buildup, and the history behind it is astounding.”


In case you’re searching for something somewhat nearer to home, you could make a beeline for the remaining parts of Italy’s well of lava stricken Roman city Pompeii to douse up some history . PatheticPathologist says: “It gave me such a solid feeling of how life must’ve been in those days, strolling similar lanes, taking a gander at similar structures.”

Reddit client DMod very prescribes Herculaneum, a close-by town that was likewise demolished by the spring of gushing lava and is apparently preferable protected over Pompeii. They say: “It’s stunning the amount of the structures were saved there, and they are as yet revealing a ton.”


Royal residences and strongholds highlight in each manual, however some end up being fusty and somewhat dull. Nonetheless, that is not the situation for Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany.

In case you’re persuaded by the photos and sparkling commendation of this Arabic fortification and castle, Reddit client snotnboss has some guidance for you: “Many individuals drag themselves up the slope just to discover there are no tickets and additionally the lines are, long. Get your tickets previously you go.”