Travel Destinations Which Are Overrated

There are plenty of travel destinations around the world that are worth a long plane ride or a splurge.

But then there are also the perennial traveler favorites that simply don’t deserve their accolades.

From attractions to cities, we rounded up 21 spots that are overrated either because of cost, crowds, pollution, or otherwise.

Keep scrolling to see the places that maybe shouldn’t be so high up on your bucket list.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island — and its tourism numbers show it. Around 8.4 million visitors passed through the island’s airport last year. Planning a vacation there during high season (November to March) means you’ll be sharing the beach with tons of other tourists, and while this may improve if you go during low season, you’ll most likely be dealing with more rain at that time of year.

Plus, according to a survey conducted by the Prince of Songkla University during the months of October 2016 to September 2017, trash and water quality is a problem for Phuket’s beaches, meaning that they might not be the paradise you were hoping for.

Hollywood, California

Contrary to popular belief, if you’re looking to spot a celebrity, you probably won’t have much luck in Hollywood. Paramount Pictures is the only major studio that’s actually located in the area.

Otherwise, there’s the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which has long been known as a tourist trap, and unoriginal attractions like a wax museum and Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Museum.

Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan

Given that there are so many places to see in Japan that are full of history and culture — Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka — it seems almost silly to go to a theme park that you can visit in your home country. In fact, some visitors will even tell you that Japan’s version isn’t as good as the original Disneyland or Disney World.

The crowds can also be an issue. One TripAdvisor reviewer cited two-hour waits to get onto rides, and said that it was nearly impossible to walk down Main Street.

London, England

Yes, London has plenty of worthwhile attractions, but good luck catching it on a nice day. The city sees 11 to 15 days of rain every month, as well as stifling heat waves in the summer. Plus, locals and tourists alike commonly bemoan the exorbitant prices of everyday things like coffee, sandwiches, and public transportation.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Unless you’re a college student planning a wild spring break trip or a NASCAR fan looking to attend the Daytona 500, you might want to skip Daytona Beach. These groups tend to get rowdy, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a quiet hotel. Cars are allowed on the beach, meaning that the sand might not be all that peaceful either.

Fortunately, Florida has no shortage of beach destinations. Try the Keys, Clearwater Beach, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Beach, or Pensacola Beach instead.

The Red Light District, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ever since the Dutch legalized prostitution in 2000, sex tourism in the country has risen, giving way to concerns about human trafficking and sex workers’ safety. Organized crime such as trafficking women, drugs, and killings, has been an issue in the Red Light District (otherwise known as De Wallen) for years. Although the mayor is trying to revamp the neighborhood, it’s not quite there yet.

Cairo, Egypt

Tourism in Egypt has been steadily declining for several years now thanks to safety concerns, but it turns out that there are a number of other reasons why visitors aren’t all that keen on visiting some of the country’s most well-known cities, like Cairo.

Because the country’s tourism industry has been hurting, tour guides, shop owners, taxi drivers, and others who rely on visitors for their income have been known to get fairly aggressive with tourists, trying to drive a sale. The US Embassy even issued a warning back in the summer of 2013, after some vendors’ actions started bordering on criminal conduct.

Plus, the city is known to be very congested with traffic, so getting places can be difficult, as well as dangerous as a pedestrian.

Stonehenge, Salisbury, England

Declared one of the most overrated tourist attractions in the world based on TripAdvisor reviews, Stonehenge underwhelms many a visitor. The $23 you’ll pay to get in will get you a view that’s only fractionally better than if you had just stayed in your car and driven past the attraction. Plus, you’ll be joined by hordes of tour buses.