Travel Goals Ideas To Inspire You

Cross another continent off my list.
“Having only traveled through North America and Europe (with a technical jump to Asia when I was in Istanbul), I want to go somewhere totally unfamiliar and new. Africa (specifically South Africa) is up there, as are Colombia and Chile in South America. Will I get to all of these places before we ring in 2019? Definitely not—my bank account isn’t unlimited. But even if I make it to only one of these destinations, I’ll be thrilled.” —Bridget Hallinan

Take more long weekends.
“There are so many places worth visiting within a few hours of New York City (by plane, train, or automobile) that I’ve never been to, and I’m committed to eating my way through them all. Philadelphia is up first. See you soon, Zahav!” —Meredith Carey

Visit one new place per month.
“Whether it’s a new city or country, or new restaurant or museum, I’m making this year about new experiences rather than things that make me feel comfortable. First up: I’m taking a weeklong solo trip to Japan this year (two firsts in one!) and can’t wait to eat my weight’s worth of noodles.” —Rachel Coleman

Get Global Entry.
“I’d like to get my seven-month-old daughter Global Entry, because I already tested the goodwill of Customs once this year. (Even if parents have Global Entry, infants and kids don’t get a free pass—we learned that the hard way.)” —Laura Dannen Redman

Go somewhere just because of a flight deal.
“Whether it’s spotting a cheap fare to a destination on my list (Senegal, Japan, Mongolia) or a hard-to-resist steal to somewhere not yet on my radar, this is the year I’m going to take advantage of the amazing flight deals out there.” —Megan Spurrell

Visit Scandinavia.
“I’m determined to finally make it to Scandinavia, a place I’ve wanted to get to for years. I have this absurd fantasy of retreating to a snow-logged cabin on a fjord, where I’m totally, unequivocally alone—and after spending dozens of months dilly-dallying, watching flight deals come and go, and seeing hygge content just about everywhere, I think it’s finally time I committed.” —Betsy Blumenthal

Show some love to Puerto Rico.
“I’ve wanted to go to Puerto Rico for years, and in 2018, as it continues its recovery, seems like a good time to go and lend support. My husband grew up there, and always talks about the forests of Piñones, beaches of Culebra, the mile-long stretch of lechon stands in Guavate, the colorful houses of Viejo San Juan, and a German restaurant so good that he swears it will knock me—someone who grew up in Germany eating schnitzel—off my chair.” —Katherine LaGrave

Take a proper two-week trip to Vietnam.
“I’m desperate to go to Vietnam. I’ve wanted to go for awhile—I don’t think you can tackle it in less than ten days, so we’ll see if I can get the time off.” —Paulie Dibner

Finally take a solo trip—abroad.
“I love traveling by myself, but I’ve only ever done road trips or quick flights to visit people I know—all within the U.S. So 2018 will be the year I finally take a solo trip abroad. Right now, I’m thinking of going somewhere far away for the holidays, ideally to a dreamy winter city like Prague or Edinburgh.” —Caitlin Morton

Try voluntourism.
“Travel has given me so much, so in the coming year I plan to show my gratitude by volunteering while I travel. There are vast opportunities to build and maintain trails along the Pacific Coast, allowing me to explore new areas of the U.S. while spending time in the outdoors. Win-Win.” —Meg Reinhardt