Travel Hacks to do Petra the Right Way

You presumably comprehend what Petra looks like from well known photos. The vast majority of the vacationers additionally realize that it is one of the New7Wonders of the World, however they for the most part don’t have the foggiest idea about the full points of interest of what visiting includes and subsequently, it’s in every case great to peruse up on these things early with the goal that you can truly appreciate the site as opposed to stress over things you were not ready for. Petra is a genuine ‘ideal’ place to visit, so read up to realize what you have to know early!


It takes two and half hours to get to Petra from Amman Queen Alia International Airport, without movement on the primary roadway. Remember that it’s frequently better to take the King’s Highway which is a moderate, sloping, winding, beautiful roadway, regardless of whether it implies something like a hour longer adventure! There are numerous spots to stop for photographs and this zone is frequently called the ‘Fantastic Canyon of Jordan’.

Where to remain?

There are numerous visitor houses in Petra yet the most popular inn is Movenpick which is appropriate outside the passage entryway and is sensibly estimated for a 5 star inn. There is likewise a pool. Do remember that the duties on sustenance here are higher, so consider investigating Petra town for supper.

Tickets and visits

In case you’re on a tight time span, you can visit Petra in only one day. Nonetheless, most voyagers whom we met were spending somewhere around two days there, so in the event that you can crush in an additional day for touring, do as such.

When you purchase passes, you get rebates for each extra day. Right now, a one-day pass costs around USD70, and you pay just USD7 more to purchase the two-day pass. It, obviously, bodes well to purchase goes in a package in the event that you are remaining here for over one day.

Creature rides

When you purchase a ticket you get a free steed ride, however that does exclude tip which is normal and is around USD7. You can likewise ride jackasses and camels here. These go for around USD15 and can be a ton of fun.

In the event that you are debilitated in a way that keeps you from completing a considerable measure of strolling, there are chariots that can take you to and from the passageway and the Treasury. There are a few spots you can’t visit like the Monastery except if you can ride serenely on a jackass for around 20 minutes. You can arrange the costs a bit however they are for the most part set. There are spots to stop, take breaks, have tea and purchase water in transit. You can even purchase gifts here.


Wake up ahead of schedule! The quickest to get down to business will have an advantage on all competitors here, and I mean, incredible photograph openings with less individuals swarming around magnificent shots. You will require around 7 hours to stroll around serenely and go the distance to the Monastery and back.

What amount of strolling is it truly?

All things considered, to see everything, as specified, would take around 7 hours easily. You can do it in 5, which we did, on the off chance that you walk quick and take a jackass ride up to the Monastery. You can likewise come to Petra and simply stroll to the Treasury (30 minutes) and after that arrival to your lodging. There are numerous approaches to see the locales and it’s dependent upon you to choose what you need to see. The Monastery, Petra’s biggest landmark, is more great than the Treasury and I think whether you’ve come this way you ought to simply ahead and see it.

What to wear?

You do need to conceal here, albeit numerous travelers were not and some even had on denim shorts. I suggest windy pants or tights and a thin T-shirt. For whatever length of time that your legs and shoulders are secured, you are alright. Bring a cap, sunscreen and shades. Wear happy with strolling shoes, yet climbing shoes are a bit much.