Travelling Is Great For Your Kids, Here’s Why!

A lot of us are under that misconception that, kids shouldn’t be taken along when travelling to places during vacation time. This belief basically stems from the fact that, we think they wouldn’t be able to remember any part of the travel. Concerns are also expressed in terms of the kids becoming cranky, not enjoying at all and not being able to go to all of the places you planned on visiting.

We at chillfeel have done an article on the many benefits of taking your children on tips while they are young. So we thought of compiling a list of reasons as to why, it is great for kids to travel! Read on,

They make memories


Although some of do think that our kids wouldn’t remember, where they went to when they were 6 but, they definitely would remember it just after returning from the trip. A lot of kids have the habit of recounting new and fascinating things they have seen and these would soon turn into memories in their subconscious mind.

Travelling, the best teacher ever


Travelling can teach your kids history, geography and architecture as well as many things that would help shape their academic personality in the future. From drawing their own map routes, to researching about the history of a place and then turning it into a trivia game are things that would do wonders to stimulate your kid’s brain.

It develops their virtue of patience


A lot of times, you have to take a long journey to reach your travel destination. Most of the times while travelling with kids, there are high chances of them getting irritated of waiting to reach the destination and continuously asking the dreaded question, ‘are we there yet?’ This might happen in the earlier stages but, after a couple of more trips, they would become accustomed to the concept of patience.

Encourages the nature lover within them


Starry skies, vast green meadows, sparkling rivers, giant oaks and enchanting birds and insects are few of the things that our kids are deprived of in the city. Getting them out there, lets them experience these things first hand and make them more appreciative of their surroundings and nature.

It increases their social quotient


Well, if there is anything like the social quotient, travelling is definitely something that would increase the social quotient of kids. Making them adaptable to new cultures, environments and people outside the four walls of their classroom.

Give your kids the gift of wanderlust!